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Convert JPG to PNG Tool

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How to Convert JPG to PNG?

Step No.1: First, you need to upload the JPG image that you want to convert into PNG file format. For this, drag and drop or click on the 'Choose File' button. Your device file manager will open, navigate to the JPG image you want to convert, select it and upload it.

image compressor upload

Step No.2: After uploading your JPEG image, simply click on the 'Click To Start' button to start the JPG to PNG conversion. It may take a few seconds to complete.

image compressor start

Step No.3: Once the processing is done, a preview of your converted PNG image (result) will appear on the screen, click on the 'Download PNG' button. Your converted PNG file will start downloading.

jpg to png result

What are JPG and PNG File Formats?

Both JPG and PNG are image file formats. JPG format is commonly used for camera-clicked real-life photos, while PNG is a better option for graphics and illustrations. The full form of JPEG is 'Joint Photographic Experts Group' and the full form of PNG is 'Portable Network Graphics'. Read more about JPG and PNG file formats below.

JPG File Format: JPG (Or JPEG) images have '.jpg' file extension. If there is '.jpg' at the end of the image file name, it means that the image is in JPG file format. JPEG file format is a lossy file format, which means the image quality of a JPG image decreases every time you edit and save them. This is why JPGs are of less file size compared to PNGs, this makes JPG images faster to upload and download. JPG images have the advantage of being storage effective, at the cost of compromised image quality.

PNG File Format: PNG images have '.png' file extension. If there is '.png' at the end of the image file name, it means that the image is in PNG file format. PNG file format is a lossless file format, which means PNG images will always retain their original image quality no matter how many times you edit and save them. PNG images offer higher image quality that's an advantage but, at the cost of being larger in file size. PNG file format has the added advantage of its ability to support transparent parts in an image (For example, an image with transparent background), while JPG file format is unable to do this.

When do you need to Convert JPG to PNG?

You may need to convert your JPG image to a PNG image because of the following reasons:

  1. Compatibility: Let's say you have a JPG image and you want to upload that image somewhere, but that website or app only supports PNG file uploads. In that case, you have no other choice than to convert your JPG image to a PNG image.
  2. Editing: If you are editing a JPG image in any editing software, your image will lose some picture quality each and every time you edit and save it because JPG is a lossy image file format. But this is not the case with PNG file format, the image quality of a PNG image never decreases no matter how many times you edit and save it. So if you have a JPG image that you want to edit, consider converting it into PNG file format before editing to maintain image quality.
  3. Sharing: Have you noticed, sharing JPG images over mediums such as WhatsApp decreases its image quality? If you want to maintain the image quality while sharing, make sure you convert JPG to PNG.
  4. Transparent: PNG file format has the ability to support transparent parts in the image. The images with a transparent background like logos, icons, overlays, cutouts, etc are all PNG images.
  5. Printing: If you are printing an image with a printer, converting the image from JPG to PNG is a smart move because PNG images do not lose quality on paper.
  6. Web Design: PNG is the preferred image format for web designing, because of its capabilities such as supporting transparency and not degrading image quality. These qualities of PNG make it a better option for images such as graphics, logos, overlays, cutouts, etc.

Does Converting JPG to PNG Improve Quality?

The simple answer to this is No. JPG is already a default compressed file format, and if you are converting it into PNG this means you are going from a lower to a higher file format, not the quality. The image will maintain its quality but will not increase because in images, adding extra quality to an image is not technically possible without editing. Converting JPG to PNG just converts the file format, no editing to increase image quality is performed in this process, so obviously the image quality will not increase.

Does Converting JPG to PNG Increase File Size?

Yes, the image file size will increase when converting JPG to PNG. PNG images are in general of larger file size as compared to JPG images as PNG is a lossless image format. The file size increases because in the conversion process, JPG image is switched into the PNG image algorithm that focuses less on file size.

Can you Reverse JPG to PNG Conversion?

Yes, you can reverse JPG to PNG conversion into the original JPG file format again. For that, upload your converted PNG file to our PNG to JPG Converter Tool which is another tool offered by us, this tool will convert the PNG file back to a JPG file. Although it is possible, but it is not recommended to change the image file format again and again because multiple conversions may disturb the image quality.

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