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60% Compression

How to Compress JPEG image?

Step No.1: First you need to upload the JPG file which you want to compress. For this, drag and drop or click on the 'Choose File' button. Your device file manager will open, navigate to the JPG image you want to compress, select it and upload it.

image compressor upload

Step No.2: Once the image is uploaded, adjust the rate (%) of compression on a scale of 0% to 100%. As the rate goes higher, it means lesser file size and lesser picture quality. As the rate goes lower, it means higher file size and higher picture quality.

image compressor

Step No.3: Once the rate of compression is adjusted, click on 'Click To Start', your JPEG image compression will now start. It may take a few seconds to complete.

image compressor start

Step No.4: Once the processing is done, a preview of your compressed image (result) will appear on the screen, click on the 'Download' button. Your compressed JPG file will start downloading.

image compressor download

How Much a JPEG image should be Compressed?

A higher rate (%) of compression will give you a really small file size, but the picture quality will also suffer a lot at the same time. On the other hand, to maintain the picture quality if you compress an image with a lower compression rate you will not see any noticeable changes in the file size of the image.

So you should be looking for a sweet point, where the file size and the quality of the image both are balanced. A default compression rate of 60% is a safer option which works fine in most cases. But everybody has different needs, so I recommend you try different values and go with what works best for you.

Sometimes what matters is just the file size not the quality of the image, so you should be going with a high compression rate in that case. Other times, maintaining picture quality is more important for you while compression, choose a lower rate of compression in that case.

JPEG or JPG which one is Correct?

The simple answer is, both are absolutely correct. JPEG and JPG are both the same thing, there is no difference between them. JPEG is the original file format name which stands for 'Joint Photographic Experts Group'. JPG on the other hand is the shorter form of JPEG. Older versions of Microsoft Windows only supported file extensions of three letters, but JPEG (original) is of four letters so they called it JPG.

Compress JPG Without Losing Quality

You can definitely reduce the size of a JPEG image without losing any picture quality, this is called lossless JPG compression. In our JPG compressor tool at the time of adjusting the rate (%) of compression, set the rate under 60% to achieve a compression that will retain the highest quality. In simple words, a lesser rate of compression means more lossless (no loss) picture quality.

What are the benefits of Compressing a JPEG image?

In sharing and uploading: Compressing an image before sharing will reduce its file size, which will make it faster to upload and easier to share. Reducing the JPG image size is the only option left when you are sharing images over email or on social media platforms where there are maximum upload size limits. Compressing JPEG photos will also save your internet because images with smaller file sizes will consume less internet to upload and share.

On websites and apps: Nobody like slow-loading websites and apps, even the search engines also don't like them. If you are using well-compressed images on your website, it will load faster. This not only improves user experience but also positively impacts search engine rankings, as page speed is a critical factor in Google's ranking algorithm. By reducing JPEG image size, we can give our visitors a faster web or app browsing experience and can also boost our site's SEO performance at the same time. Additionally, compressed images also consume less bandwidth, which helps save on data usage and hosting costs.

How does our tool Compress JPG images?

JPEG image compression tool reduces the amount of detailing in an image while at the same time retaining as much picture quality as possible. Our JPG compressor tool identifies not needed and less needed information in the image, once identified it uses advanced algorithms to compress it as much as possible. In this way, the image file size also reduces and at the same time, a reasonable picture quality is also maintained.

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